Mac OS X 10.7 Lion

Posted by Vinoth on Thursday, October 21 | 0 comments

By summer of 2011 Mac OS 10.7 Lion would be launched.

In this new version, some features of iOS are merged with Mac OS interface. For starters, there is going to be an App Store for Mac just like the one for iOS, which will provide a one stop shop for downloading applications for  Mac. The App Store won t be exclusive to Lion and will also be made available on Snow Leopard in the next 90 days.

Next feature is Launchpad, which will display your applications in an iOS Springboard kind of way and you can swipe through multiple screens and there is even folders support. Next you have full-screen apps just like you do on the iPad. Finally there is Mission Control, which is a combination of Expos , Dashboard, full screen apps and Spaces.  It gives you a quick view of all your open applications, spaces and full screen applications.