Computer Peripherals Cost

Posted by Vinoth on Friday, March 19

This link has the details about some of the computer peripherals cost in south india .

New energy source from MIT .

Posted by Vinoth on Monday, March 15

MIT scientists have developed an energy source using nanotechnology !
Its about developing new eco-friendly battery made of carbon that can degrade over time so its environmental friendly unlike other existing batteries .
Tiny carbon nanotubes wires are used , after coating with layer of fuel .
This battery can power some electronics , computers & mobiles .

Use Geosense to locate ...

Posted by Vinoth on Friday, March 12

Download Geosense and install in your laptop & the condition is that it should have windows 7.
 Enable the location and other sensors in your control panel .
Enable the Geosense Loation sensor ...
This would make you to know your location using your ip ...

A thought to avoid Heat !

Posted by Vinoth on Monday, March 8

I just wonder when seeing new innovations a lots have come in recent years , but is there a remedy for avoiding sun s heat ?
I have been thinking of it often , if there s an drug/device that could stop the Brain passing the thought of heat to the body then it would be great , people working on hot sun , vendors , travelling persons would find it to be more useful . If there s already something about this then it has to be developed on commercial scale .


Posted by Vinoth on Thursday, March 4

IBM one among the leading is about to tie up with Microsoft Corp , they are to provide cloud service for creating software in which users can create & test their own programs .

sony launches new wireless technology

Posted by Vinoth on Wednesday, March 3

Sony is the first to lauch a new high speed wireless technology called Milimetre-wave Intraconnect Technology that could be more efficient in sharing data s and resources between sony products .
It uses Electromagnetic waves (30 GHz to 300 GHz) and wavelength between 1mm to 10mm .
The transmission of data is at a rate of 11Gbps over short distances .